Change the way you educate. The purpose of education is to turn the mirrors into windows.
(Sydney J. Harris)

Become part of a new movement where you can also contribute to help the children of the world have an opportunity to change their lives. Join us and our partner associations

We pledge that all donations will be donated to the HOPAD association and will be used to finance the education of 22 children.

Promise Of School

We are a group of 5 students at the University of Geneva in 2/3nd year of Bachelor in Economics and Management. As part of our "Responsible Project Management" course, we decided to partner with the NGO HOPAD to help Nepalese children. The aim of our project is to raise funds to finance the annual school fees of the 22 children, supported by the association in Lalitpur, in the Kathmandu valley. This represents an amount of CHF 3.000.

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.
(Nelson Mandela)